From rural to urban and back: We need you.

We depend on each other, but we don’t always like to admit it. This might be increasingly true of a divide between urban and rural. Urban folks, especially the non-traditional and culturally critical, may identify and sympathize with those who sponsor locally grown co-ops or deliver produce to farmers markets but less with those who deliver the bulk of the nation’s food, feed and fiber and a key part of its fuel. Yet we want to reach out to you.

Farmers and ranchers wouldn’t have much of a market without urban dwellers, who wouldn’t eat much without the former. They would also pay more to get around and would contribute more to global warming. This is because the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) requires 10 percent renewable fuel in gasoline. It is largely met with corn ethanol, which produces clean energy, curbs greenhouse gases and keeps the rural economy afloat.

However, many think it is a bad deal, benefiting only a few farmers. But it is no boondoggle. It helps us all. Its reputation as a problem is undeserved, and we invite you find out why on this web site. We also invite you to help us fight any repeal or rollback of the RFS and support ethanol and the rural economy by joining us as a member or associate or by making a donation to a very deserving cause. Thank you.


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We need your help to get mobilized!

We are the American Corn Growers and, while lesser known than some major commodity groups, we’ve done some extraordinary things in the 28 years we’ve been around, including being one of the prime movers behind the Renewable Fuel Standard. This has mandated use of 10 percent renewable fuel and, through ethanol development, has brought agriculture a number of years of profitability, as well as offering key environmental benefits.

Membership dollars and other donations from producers and associates will help us keep farmers on the land and contribute to a cleaner environment.

Join us today. We want to share our vision and our successes with you. We want to continue to provide wins for agriculture and the nation.

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There are bills to eliminate the Renewable Fuel Standard in the House and Senate.

American corn growers need your support! Please consider making a donation today.

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